Authors : multicontributor

Editor : Tom Blass

Published by WorldECR

Date of release : December 2018 (reedition of 2012 edition)

Dual-Use Export Controls in International Transit and Transhipment reflects the growing complexity and regulation involved in the transport of freight, not only between differing jurisdictions but also within individual jurisdictions themselves. Each point in the freight journey may give rise to issues that impact, for example, a cargo’s licensing and customs inspection, a process that could in turn have consequences not only for costs but the ultimate success of any freight transaction.


In keeping with the remit of WorldECR, the main focus is on transit and transhipment laws as they apply to dual-use goods. However, as is evidenced in the book’s country-by-country analysis, a significant number of jurisdictions have no established regime aimed at regulating dual-use versus other types of goods, leaving the transit and transshipment of freight subject to an often-complex array of local customs laws. The book also examines the different regulations as they may pertain to the types of carriage.


Each chapter is written by an expert in export controls in his/her jurisdiction. Chapter authors detail the export control regime/framework in their country, explaining how transit and transhipment are locally defined and controlled and how controlling regulations are enforced. Useful information on competent authorities, procedures, and penalties for breach is included in most country chapters along with contact details for licensing authorities. Information on free trade and special economic zones is included for some countries.


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